Never mind, needed to use .getProperty(...) :) 

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Hi all
I'm trying to use jelly inside a maven reactor. When I iterate through a
project.xml I have the following component:
When I go through the project.xml Iam trying to identify the
"dependency" elements which have not got this subElement :
"artifact.origin" but jelly does not seem to respond to this:
<j:forEach var="dep" items="${multipoms.dependencies}">
     <j:choose trim="true">
       <j:when test="${( != null) and (not
        <j:forEach var="prop" items="${}">
          <j:set var="propArtifact" value="${prop.artifact.origin}D"/>
          <echo>testing2 ${propArtifact}</echo> 
When i do that echo, even for the top element above (the one with group
id "tools" and which has a artifact.origin) I get:  testing2 D instead
of testing2 traderootD How does one deal with a defined element with a
"." in it? Does one escape it as it seems that ${prop.artifact.origin}
doesn't do the trick....

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