On 7/2/07, Nestor Urquiza <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi Rahul,

In "Action States" you do have custom actions with side effects and they result in 
variables part of guard transitions that will decide the final stable state. I am talking about 
SCXML used as WEB Controller of course, in other domains it could be like you just said but not in 
WEB where being used as Controller, "actions" are needed and they of course are not side 
effect free.

Do you agree?


Sure. But we're digressing, we were talking about the act of figuring
out which transitions would be followed, not actually following any
transition (or executing any custom action) at all. We were only
discussing the act of determining the first transition(s) to be
followed (the cascading effect of that transition leading to an action
state and further transitions out of that action state is out of


If not, could you please provide a "side effect free" implementation  of  the 
following use case?

1. User is subscribing to a service using a WEB application. It is mandatory to 
send a password to his cellphone to verify the user is who he says.
2. If the password is succesfully sent, the final state will be PIN_SENT.
3. If for the contrary the password cannot be sent the FSM will stay in the 
current state USER_PROFILED.

We talked before about action states to solve postconditions. The introspection 
mechanism would work simply fine for preconditions but not for postconditions 



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On 6/28/07, Nestor Urquiza <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> Not to mention that some custom actions could have to be evaluated before 
knowing which transition will apply.
> It might mean that some side effects could come into scene, and if they do  the 
"introspection mode" cannot be used.

Actions aren't executed unless a transition is actually followed, so
we should be OK there. However, the guard conditions on candidate
transitions would need to be evaluated, and they would need to be
side-effect free (as they should be).

In other words, the act of identifying which transition(s) should be
followed is idempotent.


> Thanks,
> -Nestor
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> On 6/27/07, Christopher Giblin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > I am new to Commons SCXML.
> > Is it possible to determine whether an event would result in a transition,
> > without that transition occuring? Including evaluation of transition
> > conditions?
> <snip/>
> While the idea is interesting, we do not have such an "introspection mode".
> It wouldn't take too much effort to implement it, but:
> a) Would probably increase the code smell factor a tad (if in
> introspection mode, then follow transition else just report back etc.)
> b) Would require some API additions that might warrant a major release.
> If you don't mind sharing in this public forum, why do you need such
> introspection? The SCXML specification doesn't talk about this.
> Understanding that interaction pattern may or may not help better
> answer the question, we will have to see :-)
> -Rahul
> > Thanks,
> > chris
> >
> >

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