Thank you for the post. This is the code we are intending to use. It looks like 
the HttpClientFactory will take the 
ProxyAuthenticator and grab the username and password from it:

StaticUserAuthenticator auth = new StaticUserAuthenticator(proxyHost, 
proxyUsername, proxyPassword);
HttpFileSystemConfigBuilder hfscb = HttpFileSystemConfigBuilder.getInstance();
hfscb.setProxyAuthenticator(fso, auth); //fso is a FileSystemOptions object


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On 7/5/07, Anthony Lauro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> What's the right way to set a password and username for a proxy server when 
> making http requests in the current release? We are
> considering using the ProxyAuthenticator, but just want to make sure
> before we head down a wrong road.

Hope this will help:

> Thanks,
> Tony


Bindul Bhowmik
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