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you wrote:

You can define expression language functions to do more specialized

That sounds interesting. Do you have an advice where to find examples on how
to define EL functions and how to use them in an SCXML document?


2007/7/6, Rahul Akolkar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Please post to the user list if the question is purely about usage
(though I understand determining that can be tricky sometimes). If
this thread continues, we should probably move it to the user list.

On 7/5/07, Ingmar Kliche <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Rahul,
> I would like to inject events with XML payload into the SCXML engine.
> Currently we have to convert XML represented messages received from
> components into a hashmap object to fire the event into the engine. But
> does not allow to include XML attributes easily. Suppose we have an
> which is represented as an EMMA string, e.g. (borrowed from [1])
> <emma:emma version="1.0">
>   <emma:one-of id="r1" emma:start="1087995961542"
>     <emma:interpretation id="int1" emma:confidence="0.75"
>     emma:tokens="flights from boston to denver">
>       <origin>Boston</origin>
>       <destination>Denver</destination>
>     </emma:interpretation>
>     <emma:interpretation id="int2" emma:confidence="0.68"
>     emma:tokens="flights from austin to denver">
>       <origin>Austin</origin>
>       <destination>Denver</destination>
>     </emma:interpretation>
>   </emma:one-of>
> </emma:emma>
> How do we pass this into the SCXML engine? My goal is to pass this XML
> into the SCXML data model and operate on the event data using XPath.
> Do you have any suggestion?

Might be best to parse the EMMA into its DOM before attaching it to
the payload (say under property 'emma').

Then you can get to it like so:

Data( _eventdata.emma , '/some/xpath' )

You can define expression language functions to do more specialized

You can use <assign> to store the payload in the SCXML data model.


> - Ingmar.
> [1] http://www.w3.org/TR/emma

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