This still doesn't work properly see previous message from 7/20/07...

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After registering Namespaces in JXPath 1.3 and then calling 
I get an exception
Unknown namespace prefix

However it had been successfully registered as I checked with the method call 

Any help in this area???? 
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Please, look at the following issue and fix :)


2007/7/16, Mcduffey, Joe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Can someone tell me how to register namespaces so that attributes with
> namespaces does not cause the exception
> org.apache.common.ri.model.dom.DOMNodePointer.createAttribute
> unknown namespace prefix: xsi
> For example the following
> <ElementA  A:myAttr="Mytype">
>   <B:ElementB>MY VALUE</B:ElementB>
> </ElementA>
> Would result in the following exception:
> org.apache.common.ri.model.dom.DOMNodePointer.createAttribute
> unknown namespace prefix: A
> FYI: In this example there was a namespace decaration in the file and I
> also manually called the
> registerNamespace(A,"/http...");
> registerNamespace(B,"/http...");
> There was no problem encountered for elements. Only attributes. Can
> someone help? Thanks.

Sergey Vladimirov

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