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> Hello Alan,
> One point I observed has not been captured in the summary (which i also 
> suggested), was to limit the Independent Director seat to "at most" one per 
> region at any given time. This will address a possible situation where we end 
> up having 4 directors from a region.

I don’t think that’s an accountability issue.  Even in the unlikely event that 
there are four from the same sub-region (regional director, two non-regional 
directors, and CEO), and that the four conspire together to advance some sort 
of sub-regional interest that’s against AFRINIC’s interest, the four would 
still not form a majority of the Board.

Instead of legislating geographical diversity in the Bylaws, I would prefer to 
rely on the membership to consider all kinds of diversity when voting.

Remember that Bylaws changes need a 75% majority.  Would adding geographical 
restrictions to the non-geographical seats have enough support to pass?

Alan Barrett

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