> On 21 Sep 2016, at 12:26, Omo Oaiya <omo.oa...@wacren.net> wrote:
>>> - claims of off-list inputs ....
>> Maybe some community members would like to submit input through means
>> other than the mailing list. Should they be allowed to do so?
>> I think Yes.
>> Would you prefer to not hear about off-list inputs?
> I would also like to know what these inputs were and have them collated in an 
> appropriate manner that limits opposition.  The aim after all is to update 
> and reflect an appropriate balance of power among community, board of 
> directors and the secretariat.

The off-list inputs consisted of people speaking to me in private, repeating 
things that had also been said on the list.  I did not write down who said what.

Alan Barrett

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