As regards the quorum figure – 

Please keep in mind that in RIR history most RIR’s average far less than 10%.

If the number is two high – there are implications for that – which I’m going 
to leave people to figure out for themselves.  But I will say this – beware of 
what you ask for – you may just get it – with all the unintended consequences.

I don’t have a problem with raising the quorum for voting – and I’m going to 
leave it to others to propose a number, but I will ask that you think very 
carefully before proposing a number as to the consequences of us not being able 
to get quorum.



On 21/09/2016, 11:21, "Alan Barrett" <> wrote:

    > On 21 Sep 2016, at 13:08, ALAIN AINA <> wrote:
    >> We have a special general meeting coming up in November, and bylaws 
changes can be passed as special resolutions, needing a 75% majority).
    > OK. Let now look at the 75% majority also called Super Majority.  75% of 
what ?  The Registered members ?  The total membership ?
    75% of the members who exercise their vote.
    > BTW: In my mail(*)posted on the 29th June, i suggested that we also 
improved things here.
    > (*)
    > These points  seem to not have been (or yet) considered.
    > 4-  Amend 12.10 (ii)   to set the quorum at 10% of the total membership 
either present physically or remotely 
    > 5- Amend 12.11 to set  minimum number of votes. For all vote, a minimum 
of votes from 10% of the total eligible voters required.
    Thanks.  There were some good ideas in your email, and I will work on 
converting some of them to bylaws changes for consideration.
    The current quorum requirement is 10 members, which is too small, but I 
think 10% is too large.
    Alan Barrett
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