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IBM is sponsoring a special contest at ApacheCon 2004 US, and donating some very
nice prizes, including a first prize of a ThinkPad model T42, with 1GiB of
memory, 40GiB of disk, a CD-RW/DVD-ROM, and integrated wireless networking.
Another major prize will be a free round trip airline ticket (from anywhere in
the world) with full registration packet to ApacheCon 2005 EU and complimentary
registration to ApacheCon 2005 US.

The contest involves developing code using the Apache Derby package
(http://incubator.apache.org/derby/). There is documentation about the package
on the project's Web site, and one of the ApacheCon tutorials the Sunday before
the conference is a half-day devoted solely to the Derby software ? and to make
it even more useful, that tutorial has been made free! So if you're interested
in participating but aren't sure what Apache Derby is all about, there's still
time and opportunity to learn from the documentation or in an intensive class
given by one of the community developers.

The contest is to take place ON-SITE at ApacheCon, and the rules and details
will be announced at the conference Opening Plenary. Submissions for the contest
will be accepted from Monday morning until Tuesday evening, after which they
will be evaluated by a panel of judges. The results of the contest will be
announced at the Closing Plenary session on Wednesday evening, and the prizes
will be awarded at that time. NOTE: You must be present at the Closing Plenary
in order to win any prizes!

No details about the contest rules or parameters will be available until the
conference Opening Plenary, so please don't ask! :-)
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