Thank you.  I added my blog there.  Have a great weekend! :)


2005/12/24, Colm MacCarthaigh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
On Sat, Dec 24, 2005 at 09:16:17AM +0900, Trustin Lee wrote:

Merry Christmas Eve!

> I'm a commiter and have a blog.  I found there's a site called 'planet
> apache' which syndicates blogs from ASF committers, and its configuration is
> store at:

Its configuration is no longer kept ion CVS, but rather in Subversion,
it's over at;

I think there's a general preference for ATOM over RSS, where possible.

> Can I add my blog there by myself, or do I have to get a confirmation from
> the management committee?

No need to ask permission afaik, just add away.

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