(I was thinking about sending this to infrastructure@ but this might be
of interest outside the infrastructure group, so I send this to

attached is a mail that I got a few days ago. It is a quite innocent
(and actually a very good) question, that I cannot answer. 

For those of you that are not that much involved in the Jakarta and
particularly in the Turbine world: Turbine-3 is sort of an
"experimental/advanced" branch off the regular development tree that is
probably used only in Scarab, which is an issue tracker written by some
"Turbine people" @ tigris.org. Turbine-3 never saw an "official" release
and is considered dead by the main Turbine developers. This is important
to know, because for that reason, this tree was never brought forward to

And now CVS and public CVS access is gone. The sources themselves are
still on minotaur (/x1/home/cvs/jakarta-turbine-3) but I can see no way
to access them any longer from the outside.

That sucks. I'm pretty sure that this is not the only part of the CVS
tree that was not brought forward to Subversion. There is old code,
obsolete code, code referenced in books, manuals, wikis, blogs and
almost everywhere else, that somehow points to the old CVS repository. I
know that for the sake of progress, CVS is gone for good. However, it
might be a good thing to have a documented (I searched a bit on the
www.apache.org/dev/ pages and aside from "CVS has been retired", there
is not much information) way to tell our users how to get the "old

Maybe we could set up a read-only CVS through archive.apache.org? 

We lost quite a bit of code in the java.apache.org -> jakarta transition
(e.g. I was never able to recover any Turbine code prior to 2.1 and the
transition to Jakarta). IMHO we shouldn't make that mistake again. It is
a good thing that CVS is no longer in active use for new code and
projects. However, CVS is a vital part of our code history and some
people do need access to that history. Just wiping it out is IMHO not a
good thing to do.

        Best regards

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> From: Huang bekind <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: do you know how to get the Turbine 3.0 source code that are
> used by Scarab 1.20b
> Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 15:21:30 +0800
> HI 
>  do you know how to get the Turbine 3.0 source code that are used by
> Scarab 1.20b
> thank you very much
> -- 
> Best regards, 
> Nick 
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