One of the things I've noticed in my day job, which is admittedly 
self-selecting since I work for a company that engages with people deploying 
open source, is that I routinely hear, how shall I say it, more enjoyment from 
the developers in their work as compared to the old days when they worked on a 
proprietary equivalent, and I think it even holds true when working on 
"troubleshooting" engagements where something is broken.  Since, most of us 
here likely work on open source, I'm curious as to what others think?  Are devs 
who work on or use open source happier in their day jobs?  And I don't just 
mean committers/contributors here, I mean people who are using the software to 
solve some bigger problem for their company and who may never do anything more 
than ask a question on a mailing list from time to time.  Has anyone seen 
_independent_ studies that say one way or the other?  (References please.)  I 
do think, that some of the answer depends on the quality of the software they 
are working on (just as it likely does when working on proprietary software), 
so perhaps I should separate out what could be called hobbyist open source 
versus open source that has a large community of followers (regardless of 
license) like Linux, ASF projects, Eclipse, etc.  Therefore, assuming two 
different pieces of software, one being proprietary and one being open, both of 
which will solve the problem, are developers who solve the problem with open 
source happier in their job?

At any rate, my motivation for asking is that I'm writing an article on some 
thoughts in this area spurred by something a client told me (at a very old, 
established company, mind you) about why they wanted to get the word out that 
they were using open source:  they felt it would help them attract and retain 
developers b/c they would be more satisfied in their jobs b/c they got to work 
on innovative open source technologies.

Thanks for your insights,

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