I was going to wait until after ACEU had actually taken place, however
by November I might have hung myself with a short length of piano wire
so I thought I'd briefly suggest one possible action post event.

We need to have some kind of investigation into the planning aspect of
this community conference. Having really enjoyed not only the on-site
planning and running of ACNA 2011, Vancouver, I happily stepped up to
be a helper/planner for ACEU. For the first time in my first year and
a half relationship within the ASF this is the first time I'm actually
finding myself getting slightly confused/annoyed with the consistent
lack of attention to detail within planning.

I am not trying to take anything away from those within the foundation
who are trying their damn hardest to keep things moving, but I think
for the benefit of the community some kind of analysis needs to be
undertaken to see why, where and when things started going pear

To close, I know this has been a concern for ConCom, Travel
Assistance, board and others for some time and that this news is not
new news... but for planners of this years ACEU who sit outside the
aforementioned groups within the Foundation we also feel that the
planning has been extremely haphazard and it will more than likely
have an effect on potential long term planners returning for another
future planning battle.

I hope I've communicated my thoughts without offending anyone or any
one group directly as this is not my intention, merely to try and
improve the workflows we are using to build the ASF community.



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