On Wed, 13 Mar 2013, Issac Goldstand wrote:
I've been working with an open-source project looking to adopt The Apache Way to govern themselves (yay!)

Nice one! Hopefully the videos of the community track from ACNA should be available fairly soon (infra are having issues with getting the disk recognised, hopefully shortly to be solved...)

I'd be willing to help write the patch if I (1) knew where the page source is and (2) had someone at infra make sure that I was encoding the "internal" link the write way :)

I know the answer to #1 - it's a CMS site. Make sure you have the bookmarklet from https://cms.apache.org/#bookmark and click that to get started with editing it. For #2, I think it's just a regular markdown [text](http://something.apache.org/somewhere) links


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