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> Re: Animated series publicising Isis
>         5096 by: Dan Haywood
> Hi folks,
> To the question:
> Is having this branding from a commercial company on these videos ok?  We
> were hoping that it is, with the proviso that we would have a note on the
> page that links to the videos thanking the donation but making clear that
> ASF and the company have no other relationship.
This is actually something that came up during pitter patter conversation
at ApacheCon NA this year. I hope others will provide some more experienced
input than I can, but I see it as a positive thing for Apache Isis and The
What I do not know, is what kind of guidelines we (TheASF) have to govern
and protect us from potential abuse of this kind of marketing.
I am looking forward to seeing some other guys input here.

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