Am 25.07.2014 16:26, schrieb Greg Stein:

I believe you have two options: fork their code into your project, and do
some appropriate subpackage renaming to clarify it is distinct. Or,
ideally, you join *their* community and help them cut a release, and then
base your code on that.
Just to clarify. We are talking about FontBox which is part of the PDFBox project. We don't have any difficulties to release a new version. We are working on a new major release containing a lot of new stuff and refactorings. Some of them are within FontBox but most are within the core component itself. We are planning to cut a release in the late summer but we can't guarantee that as there are still a lot of things to do. Any help is welcome, but most of the stuff isn't about FontBox anymore but the PDF spec and java rendering stuff.

Saying that, I'm afraid the FOP guys have to fork FontBox if they are in a 


Andreas Lehmkühler, PDFBox Chair

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