On 10/14/16, Ajay Fuloria <ajay.fulo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been using Moto C139 for sometime now, I have also been using
> osmocom-bb for a while. I have seen a peculiar problem, but am not able to
> sort it out. Since all of you here have such indepth know how of Calypso I
> thought this is the right forum to ask this query.

No, this is NOT the right forum. Your issue has nothing to do with the
Calypso, instead it is purely an OsmocomBB software issue. This
community is about FreeCalypso software and hardware, not about our
competitor and ideological enemy OsmocomBB. Asking OsmocomBB questions
here is like asking for Windows help in a group for Linux/FLOSS

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