Hi Mychaela,

You are unfortunately correct, that trace is on L6. Looking at L7
and bottom layers, there are many traces and I can't see any easy way
that trace could be cut without a PhD in PCB microsurgery. :/

> > BTW is there an easter egg in the PCB layout? I can read "TimLee Allen
> > Shawn Jean Shanny" above the SIM holder.
> These names/signatures made out of microvia patterns have been
> preserved from Openmoko.  It appears that back in the days of Openmoko
> HDI PCB microvias were made by some different process compared to how
> they do it nowadays, and on OM's original GTA02 boards these microvia
> patterns (names/signatures) are actually visible with the naked eye on
> the finished product boards, on the side with the display.  When my
> Iranian contacts made the FCDEV3B layout from OM's GTA02, they kept
> OM's names/signatures (fairly so, as we are using the modem layout
> which is originally OM's), but they were moved to a slightly different
> location, which is where you see them now.  But they are no longer
> visible on the finished board (except perhaps via X-ray) because
> today's PCB fabs make these microvias in some different way that
> results in them being invisible.

Cool! Thanks for the explanation. For the curious: https://imgur.com/a/3Jife
If you look at http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Who_is_Who apparently Tim Lee
was the hardware manager, Allen may have been Allen Chang (hw engineer),
Shawn was most likely Shawn Lin (RF Engineer), Jean and Shanny I'm not sure.

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