Would we be violating the license by redistributing this data, or
additional data based entirely upon that data source to other Neo1973

I'm wondering about the possibility of leveraging off the fact that
all Neo1973 units should have a very unified idea of the current time
to increase the fix accuracy.

For example, if you have three Neo1973s in a rough geographic
triangle, such that:
Neo 1 - has LOS to satellites a,b,c,d
Neo 2 - has LOS to satellites c,d,e,f
Neo 3 - has LOS to satellites a,c,d,f

Each unit computes a positional fix with 5m accuracy as normal, but
all at the same coordinated time.

Scaling this up to a downtown city environment, where you could have
100 Neo1973's with a 5 mile radius... if they all took positional
fixes at the same time, would it be possible to use all of this
coordinated data, plus the ephemeris info, to increase the fix


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