That is brilliant. As the parent of an 11-year old, I'd want a highly
configurable profile:

* Allow calls to/from (parents/grandparents/babysitter/etc.) anytime
* Allow calls to/from (list of friends) between 4pm and 9pm weekdays, 10-10pm
  weekends only
* Allow a maximum of (x) outgoing calls to friends per month
* as above for incoming
* as above for text messages

Of course good parenting encourages us to build better trust with our children
rather than depending on technology to solve our parenting problems but that's
another discussion..

Perhaps consider this "technology-assisted good parenting".

Cool idea!


On Wed, 24 Jan 2007, Paul Jimenez wrote:

How about a locked-down 'kid version' of the UI with touchable pictures for 
'mommy', 'daddy', etc ?  Maybe not even labelled, but just the pictures?


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