Is there a page somewhere that gives the status of the different features
usually found on a phone for the Openmoko project ?

I got very excited when I saw "my" first article about the phone, and I did
join this mailing list to try to stay current about its development, but I
now realize that all I want it to know when most of the features I want are

I'm sure people could add to this list, but here's what's at the top of my
head :

- can make a call (cellular)
- can receive a call (cellular)
- can make a call (wifi)
- can receive a call (wifi)
- can send an email
- can receive an email
- can send a text message
- can receive a text message
- can manage contacts
- can browse the web

Statuses could be "Under development", "Testing", and "Stable"...

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