On 2 Sep 2007, at 14:57, denis wrote:

Watching a lot of videos about Openmoko and the GUI I saw that it is
very slow and yards away from being "snappy". (regarding the application
startup and the acting inside an application) I know that speed is not
the priority thing in developement  at the moment but how fast and
"snappy" can the Openmoko GUI using GTK get? I'm looking at this from
the user point of view, I'm not a developer so it would be very
interesting to me what can be expected in the future. What are you're
expectations? Will it get as snappy as the old PALM Pdas had been?

I'm really looking forward for your answers.

Regards, Denis.

Launch speed is something that can be fixed, I'm not sure if the build system is using pre-linking? if not it will be something to use as this is the cure to application launch speed delays on Unix like systems.

The interface is VGA and so there's a lot more to draw and this makes the GUI less responsive than QVGA. The acceleration in the next gen hardware will solve this.

The Palm PDAs were using task switching, it wasn't a full multitasking OS, so you have to realise that a Linux based PDA will always lag behind a very simple OS.

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