On Sep 2, 2007, at 7:17 AM, Giles Jones wrote:
Launch speed is something that can be fixed, I'm not sure if the build system is using pre-linking? if not it will be something to use as this is the cure to application launch speed delays on Unix like systems.

This is probably true.

The interface is VGA and so there's a lot more to draw and this makes the GUI less responsive than QVGA. The acceleration in the next gen hardware will solve this.

This is definitely not true. I mean, it's true that the QVGA is going to take less time to paint, but paint times aren't the problem - if they were, kinetic scrolling wouldn't look so nice. No, there's something else going on that's making the UI so unresponsive. Possibly something is timing out, or something's running in lock-step that should be asynchronous.

The Palm PDAs were using task switching, it wasn't a full multitasking OS, so you have to realise that a Linux based PDA will always lag behind a very simple OS.

Again, true, but not likely to produce the results we're seeing. E.g., when an app is running, and a tap on the UI takes seconds to produce a response, this is not something you can attribute to the fact that Linux is a protected-mode multitasking kernel.

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