On 9/2/07, Myk Melez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> denis wrote:
> > I know that speed is not
> > the priority thing in developement  at the moment but how fast and
> > "snappy" can the Openmoko GUI using GTK get?
> I'm not sure that's accurate.  The developers may well have prioritized
> snappiness but just not achieved it yet.
> In any case, from my perspective as a user of phones, snappiness is
> really important.  I would trade most of the features of my current
> phone (a Motorola Razr) for it to respond instantly when I press a
> button, at least for common operations, instead of just almost
> instantly, which drives me nuts.

I'll second that. All of the phones I've used in the last half decade
have had almost-instantaneous response, and that 0.5 second that it
takes it to respond is very very annoying.

I think it would be a great advantage for OpenMoko-based phones if the
basic UI can be optimized enough to be better than the average phone
out there.


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