Henryk Plötz skrev:

Hmm, I just ran it on a Neo and seems to work okay. The biggest problem
is that switching to the second set of displayed keys is awfully slow.

Yes... I believe it's the text rendering. <dreaming>Wish gtk.Label had a flag 'cash_rendering' and maybe a method 'pre_render' taking a win as argument so it usable even if the label is not attached to a top level window yet</dreaming>

Been looking at doing it myself. But I'm a bit of a newbie on the hole thing (gtk, pango, gdk). Have not really figured out how to render according to the gtk style at use. And I'm not sure have important speed is for a demo.

Apart from that it's only missing some optimizations of the layout.
(For example: Backspace absolutely needs to be a main key.

Backspace is important... but a main key when it is only 12 main keys? Figured space and drag back was intuitive.

Nobody needs "^" as a main key.)

That key, and its 'page' is meant to be user definable, and possibly app dependent... so ju can put backspace there :-)

Thanks /LaH

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