On 3 Sep 2007, at 18:32, Andy Poling wrote:

I haven't seen anyone else mention the obvious: some of the device drivers and alot of the code have debugging output enabled. Start the X server manually, and watch the debugging info spew forth, and you'll get an idea where a bunch of CPU cycles are going. As an example, every stylus press results in at
least 4 debugging msgs printed, something happening in a place I would
consider latency-sensitive. In addition various things complain constantly of missing icon image files, etc... things that would surely be cached if they
were present, and those complaints take cycles.

It's all appropriate in a development environment - we just have to factor
that in when considering the responsiveness of the device.  IMO it's
appropriate for the primary focus to be functionality and the secondary focus
to be user interaction effectiveness at this point.

I've found that using a stylus seems to help it recognise touches, maybe someone has tweaked something so finger presses don't register as easily?

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