On Saturday 09 February 2008, Shawn Rutledge wrote:

> At least the 1973-compatible Nokia batteries will probably be
> available for a long time (as I'm hoping the Nokia 770 batteries will
> be), but there is still the problem with charging them (the phone
> cannot do it).  The rule of thumb is that no LiIon battery will last
> longer than 3 years or so.

I think we are probably safe on that. The Nokia BL5C is used in quite a lot of 
different Nokia phones, including a number of very low cost models for 
developing countries. Those phones will get manufactured in huge numbers 
(perhaps 100 million), and will be around for a long time. Due to their huge 
numbers, and the fact that some of the owners won't have the money to upgrade 
for a long time, I doubt spare parts availability will be a problem.

You might consider buying one of these cheap phones, both as a backup to use 
if a software update renders you Neo 1973 temporally unusable, and to charge 
the spare battery. I have a Nokia 1100, as a spare, and I use it's battery 
interchangeably with other devices.

David Pottage

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