Am Fr  15. Februar 2008 schrieb Andy Green:
> As I say it matters a bit less because so many signals are unavailable
> anyway, but of course I really understand the point of having them.  To
> offset it a little there are bunch of testpoints which are annotated on
> the board and will be annotated in the wiki, there are things like I2C
> and LVTTL UART on there to leverage somewhat.
So i hope there's a "testpoint" for each unused valuable (hidden) pin at 
least, like GPIO (if any left, at any chip [Wolfson mixer]), the LineIN/Out 
pins marked "unused" in Wolfson mixer Wiki(GTA01), videoIn/Out(?), etc...
That's just fine, for nobody really needs access to *buses* (hmm, on a second 
thought - adding some RAM... A real challenge :-). And for circuit diagrams, 
let's wait and see how much time it takes till first third party reverse 
engineered diagrams will be available. 

btw: tapping 0402R is my hobby to calm down ;-)


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