Wolfgang Spraul ??:
Andy -

class to expose it so it is generic.  (I don't know for sure if it will
ship with such a battery since it is decided in .tw according to
availability and so on, but I hope it will.)

Yes, I think we can confirm that every GTA02 will ship with this new 'smart' battery. There are more steps to go through internally, related to certification, some sort of calibration. Tony, do you know more details? The cell's capacity will increase slightly to 1250 mAh (before was 1200 mAh).

The battery cell is 1250mAh for GTA02 coulomb battery cell, and the coulomb counter setting for battery will around 1200mAh, but not confirm all parameter from hardware side yet.

The battery was smart battery, and they will learn the charging curve during each charge. So the mA number on the sticker or on the battery cell documentation will not that precise during the daily use.

And we change to new coulomb battery, will need re-do some certification test for FCC/CE. They are proceeding now.

Tony Tu

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