Hi Dale,

I just made a post to that other list and broke it down. It's good
news in general, even shipping it there's about a $28 savings. There's
even a decent savings if you combine groups anywhere in the country.
Mostly coast to cost single unit shipment is about $10 and shipping
"locally" (i.e. about 50 miles) is about $8.50 so shipping from Austin
to Dallas isn't MUCH cheaper than shipping Austin to Duluth. Certainly
doing that would save you money over not buying a 10-pack.



On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 6:11 PM, Dale Schumacher
> As Kevin notes, the marginal savings on a 10-pack is pretty thin.  For
> planning purposes size and weight details are useful, but I thought they
> were posted previously.
> Currently there are 4 people showing interest in Austin, TX and 1 in Dallas,
> TX.  This does not include the 2 current Neo1973 owners, who have not
> expressed a desire to be part of this 10-pack.  If we get enough interest
> for a 10-pack, I am assuming that people will either pick up their device in
> person, or pay for additional shipping, at their option.  If that is not
> cost effective for them, and it very well may not be in the case of
> re-shipping, then they should order directly.  I will be ordering directly
> if there is not sufficient local interest.  The individual in Dallas may
> have reason to visit Austin, or other means of obtaining cost-effective
> transportation for his device.  If not, then I'm sure he will also order
> directly.
> Clearly details like these must be worked out for each local group, but
> should be done OFF LIST.  I've described my expectations as simply an
> example of the choices to be made.
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> > From: "Kevin Dean" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> >
> > Are there any size or weight dimensions known about the Freerunner
> > packages? How much will the 10-pack weigh? How much will a single
> > using weight?
> >
> > ...
> >
> > Openmoko guys! Can you give us the specs so that those interested in
> > bulk purchases can figure out the logistics of shipping versus
> > individual sales and then factor that into the regions that will be
> > used to organize bulk purchases?
> >
> > Thanks.
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