There are some documentation you can find on wiki.
Here is the links.
OpenEmbeded is used to make the distribution. BitBake is the useful command of OE, and being used to build and maintain a number of embedded Linux distributions. You can use this.
Now, we mainly use this.

You can use a prebuilt toolchain from the Openmoko project.
Now Julien is work on this. We are contact with OE , so maybe few days later, we can have new release.

And from the page , about the MokoMakefile,
"MokoMakefile is developed by Rod Whitby </wiki/User:RodWhitby> - it is not an official product of OpenMoko ", you can also get information form this.

These page might be helpful .
And it 's wiki. If you the information is too old , you can modify it .
And we can work out the solution together.


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    On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 11:50 AM, Thomas Wood
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        Well, there is
        <> which builds images nightly. I've
        been asking for the toolchain to be fixed and updated and I
        Julian has this on his TODO list.



    Thanks for pointing that out.

    Does it apply a label to builds that succeed? Is there
    documentation of what this hypothetical label might be, and also
    documentation of the build process that
    <> uses?

    (Hrm, reading over that, it looks like I'm trying to be sarcastic
    with the thanks. I'm definitely not! The thanks, and the
    questions, are real, not rhetorical.)

I should point out that if I knew the "right" way to run a build (I think there are three possible ways) and could actually get a build to go through at least once in a while, I would volunteer a server and the effort to set up continuous integration. My time is pretty restricted, so it might take me a fairly long time to get it all done, but I am willing to do the work if I can get answers to the basic questions.


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