I am very pleased to see that in fact the openmoko team is considering our ideas. I didn't want to offend in any way you or the team.

steve wrote:
<pre wrap>Nicanor,

We were all high school students, and not all of us were EE. So your opinion
counts, and yes I read it. I spent a good deal of time today fiddling with
different stylus ideas. ON one hand we do not want to burden the design (
The ID or the software ) with a requirement to use a stylus. On the other
hand, we cannot stop people from writing software that works better with a
stylus. So, How to balance these two. Some of the ideas on the list have
given me some thoughts. I'll share them with the Industrial design guys.
Good ideas can come from anywhere. From the High school student to old
guys who has done this for years. So, as an exercise, look through the list.
Collect the ideas. List there pros and cons. See what you come up with.
draw some pictures. If we had a monopoly on good ideas we would not be open


And you just gave me a great idea!

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       I am not an electrical engineer either (I'm a highschool student)
and I think that it's more important to get the phone ready than
problems like "where the stylus will be attached?". In the end the
freerunner will be a developer and not an end user phone. Besides I
don't know how much the OpenMoko team is considering our suggestions (no

 &gt; Kim Alvefur wrote:
</pre><blockquote type=cite><pre wrap>On Fri, 2008-05-02 at 09:56 -0500, Hans L wrote: </pre><blockquote type=cite><pre wrap>On Fri, May 2, 2008 at 9:01 AM, Nicanor Babula &lt;[EMAIL PROTECTED]&gt;
</pre></blockquote></blockquote><pre wrap><!---->wrote:
</pre><blockquote type=cite><blockquote type=cite><pre wrap> </pre><blockquote type=cite><pre wrap> I don't think that a magnetic stylus would be such a good idea,
</pre></blockquote></blockquote></blockquote><pre wrap><!---->because
</pre><blockquote type=cite><blockquote type=cite><blockquote type=cite><pre wrap>any movement of the pen would create a current into every conductor
</pre></blockquote></blockquote></blockquote><pre wrap><!---->existing
</pre><blockquote type=cite><blockquote type=cite><blockquote type=cite><pre wrap>in its magnetic field (freerunner's circuits included). This current
</pre></blockquote></blockquote></blockquote><pre wrap><!---->might
</pre><blockquote type=cite><blockquote type=cite><blockquote type=cite><pre wrap>damage or disturb the phone itself. </pre></blockquote><pre wrap>I am not an electrical engineer, but I think that the voltage/current
produced from such a magnet would be negligible.  But, even assuming
that it would not be harmful, isn't the case made of plastic?  Is
there even enough ferrous material concentrated towards the back of
the neo to accomplish this?
</pre></blockquote><pre wrap>
The battery? AFAIK lots of phone holders have magnets that attach to the
battery through the back.
</pre></blockquote><pre wrap><!---->

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