> Granted, the Apple and AT&T partnership greatly subsidizes the cost, 
> because of the $960 ($40/mo unlimited data plan for 2 yrs) to $2400 
> ($100/mo unlimited voice/data for 2 yrs) that you'd spend with AT&T also 
> helps cover the hidden cost of the hardware.

No doubt, but you can buy unlocked iPhones on many places, including internet 
and they dont cost $960
> What you're paying the extra money for, for the Freerunner, is the 
> freedom of doing whatever you want with your phone. Sure, the iPhone has 
> their SDK released, but all applications still have to go through Apple 
> to operate on your phone -- I don't know if the SDK even allows you to 
> build an application just for your own iPhone to test it. Also, their 
> mobile OS is closed source -- you have no access to hack or tweak it to 
> do *exactly* what you want it to. You can't change the applications that 
> come with the phone, you can't do a lot of things. 

Of course, thats why I want a FreeRunner!! but in the next months surely you 
can buy an unlocked iPhone 3G on ebay or the chinatown for $200 USD, and it 
affects the sales of FreeRunner, remember that GT02 is designed for mass 
production, not only for geeks like us who love free software

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