Lowell Higley wrote:
> I think what Ian is trying to say is that contract or not, you still 
> have to pay for your phone service and data service.


Whether you get the iPhone, a Freerunner, a Nokia, a Samsung, 
whatever... you still need to pay for the cellular service.

Yes, it's cheaper if you buy pay-as-you-go service, and yes, if you buy 
the 'locked' iPhone (retail box from AT&T) you *must* buy into a contract.

My point was basically that if you want to use a lot of voice/data on 
the Freerunner, you're probably going to spend the same dollar amount on 
the voice/data plan as you would with the iPhone, so in that case, yes, 
the iPhone is cheaper.

If you can manage everything you do only on pay-as-you-go service, then 
it's possible that the Freerunner will be cheaper after two years.


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