This post is going further my expectations :) so, lets put the things in order:

1) FreeRunner and its freedom is the best, so we dont need an argue about the 
good reasons to buy one :)

2) In countries where you have to sign a two year contract, the iPhone 3G will 
be more expensive at the end, but this is not the situation of everyone.

3) Apple will say all time that you will have to sign a contract to get an 
iPhone, but in the reality they do nothing to stop people unlocking phones and 
selling them without AT&T contracts around the world (check ebay before telling 
again you have to sign a contract!!!), because they get money for that phones 
anyway. So I expect iPhones 3G being sold for $199 USD without any contract 
around the world, and for most people does not matter if this is legal or not. 

4) FreeRunner is a product, and need sales to survive. I will buy a Freerunner 
instead an iPhone because i want a free phone, but many people would prefer to 
buy an unlocked-hacked-nocontract iPhone on ebay for $199 than an OpenMoko for 
$399. am I clear enough?

furthermore the freedom, there is a war for the smartphones market and a 
freephone have to be competitive  in price, not only in quality and philosophy. 

Best wishes
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