ian douglas wrote:
> Exactly.
> Whether you get the iPhone, a Freerunner, a Nokia, a Samsung, 
> whatever... you still need to pay for the cellular service.
> Yes, it's cheaper if you buy pay-as-you-go service, and yes, if you buy 
> the 'locked' iPhone (retail box from AT&T) you *must* buy into a contract.
Sorry, to clarify.

To clear up my previous post you are comparing to different things:

A $600 SUBSIDIZED phone on a 2 year contract ($200 up front cost to 
subscriber) VS a $200 moko UNSUBSIDIZED phone PLUS a 2 year contract.

Of course they are bloody the same price up front, THE MOKO ISN'T 

Please, compare equal things.

If you want to compare a subsidized iPhone then compare a subsidized 
moko which will be free with any reasonable access plan.

The moko is cheaper PERIOD and you won't be getting the new iPhones on 
ebay for 200 quid because YOU CAN'T BUY THEM WITHOUT A CONTRACT.

If you want to buy a $600 dollar subsidized phone, fine go ahead.  Why 
are you posting nonsense here?

Goddamn.  You guys make it really hard not to flame everyone on such 
simple calculations.


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