On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 12:51 AM, Robert Taylor
> Jorge . wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This post is going further my expectations :) so, lets put the things in 
>> order:
> Okay.
>> 1) FreeRunner and its freedom is the best, so we dont need an argue about 
>> the good reasons to buy one :)
> Right!
>> 2) In countries where you have to sign a two year contract, the iPhone 3G 
>> will be more expensive at the end, but this is not the situation of everyone.
> Not true, the iphone is subsidized the moko isn't.  If the moko was
> subsidized it would be free.  This is TRUE FOR EVERYONE.
>> 3) Apple will say all time that you will have to sign a contract to get an 
>> iPhone, but in the reality they do nothing to stop people unlocking phones 
>> and selling them without AT&T contracts around the world (check ebay before 
>> telling again you have to sign a contract!!!), because they get money for 
>> that phones anyway. So I expect iPhones 3G being sold for $199 USD without 
>> any contract around the world, and for most people does not matter if this 
>> is legal or not.
> Again, not true.  On the new Iphones, you HAVETO get a 2 year contract.
> If you decide to quit you will pay a fee that will total up greater than
> the $600 the phone is worth.

I am sorry for contraddicting, but you can get jailbraked iPhones for
around 200$,and the firmware of the 2.0 is already jailbraked since
some time, and even futher, some people are already trying to compil
linux for the iPhone 2.0.

> If you want to go ahead and throw away $600 bucks at the break of a
> contract and sell it on ebay go ahead.  Just stop posting nonsense.
>> 4) FreeRunner is a product, and need sales to survive. I will buy a 
>> Freerunner instead an iPhone because i want a free phone, but many people 
>> would prefer to buy an unlocked-hacked-nocontract iPhone on ebay for $199 
>> than an OpenMoko for $399. am I clear enough?
> Not  clear at all.  If you were there would be no thread.  If you want
> to compare apples to apples, compare a subsidized iphone to a subsized
> moko, or unsubsidized iphone to an unsubsidized moko.
> There is NO POSSIBILITY of exception to this.  Just because a moko is
> not available as a subsidized device right now is irrelevant as its not
> available on the market.  More to the point the new iphone isn't
> available yet, just pricing.
>> furthermore the freedom, there is a war for the smartphones market and a 
>> freephone have to be competitive  in price, not only in quality and 
>> philosophy.
> This is only true if you do what you are insisting on doing, comparing
> things that are not of equal value.  While it is fine for consumers to
> be ignorant of these facts and actually think your argument is valid,
> it's not correct on this thread as you are clearly educated and
> understand the reality of the situation.
> Just compare equal things and stop posting flawed arguments and there is
> no thread.
>> Best wishes
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