Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> now it changes with the 3g iphone. you must sign up when you buy. sure - you
> can now take that phone, unlock it, re-sell it, but you are stuck with a
> contract you must keep paying for... with no phone to use on that contract
> unless you buy another phone - outright. there will be contract termination
> clauses if you want to cancel then and this will help cover the subsidy - of
> not completely cover it and then some...
Well I guess this thread is probably dead, lots of good points made.  
I'll stop here as I don't think I can provide anything usefull on the 
price comparison.  Carsten I agree with your point.

I think its safe to say that if our technically saavy and intelligent 
users cannot tell the difference between a retail and subsidized phone 
its a given joe six pack won't spend the time to research it any 
further.  My hope is that we can all parrot the same message so when 
shit hits the fans and fucking noobs start flooding in here we can have 
toe a single line and explain to them the difference one noob at a time 
- just like the ubuntu folks are doing on irc quite well.

I think I've failed in convincing any people here so that one is lost.

So let's see if we can salvage some of the back and forth and see if we 
can get some brainstorming going ... here is a brainstorm I had in 
another thread about what we can do to differentiate the moko.  It's 
clear if we (well frankly there is no we, its fic and their team, but 
i'll pretend there is a we to encourage a free platform) get too close 
to trying to compete on iphones terms or redmonds terms we will lose.

How about if we try to change the playing field a bit, one release at a 
time.  Here is one way I thought we can do it ... please feel free to 
comment or tear it appart:

Yes.  I propose a modular approach.  1 phone many external similar to
> this idea:
> Additionally, there is a certain cool factor to having a single unit but
> many docking stations if done right, for example:
> Quick preview:
> Their overbearing website:
> Buglabs is doing something really cool, but you gotta code in java and
> it doesn't fit into a pocket (well it does fit in a really big pocket).
> It's pretty clear Mokos core group of users are very demanding, and
> something like that would allow for everyone to be happy.
> However, why I really think this could be a really great approach for
> the moko is the 'Hey Cool!' factor.
> Can you picture the conversation when you meet up with  a buddy "hey
> whats that on your moko? oh it's my new gamepod.  COOOOOL!  can i try it
> on my moko?  sure  ... *CLICK*  ... here you go.   COOOOOOL!"
> It also reduces the dev costs for moko, it allows it to remain a
> smartphone and not move from that niche, reduces the number of formats
> that people will be demanding the moko be made in and will start to
> establish a hardware addon ecosystem beyond what is already being developed.
> What the moko manufacturers then can pull is a NIKE.  Instead of relying
> purely on sales of the moko, they can turn them selves into an R&D and
> marketing company and not only produce their own hardware if they want
> to, but also licence officially supported modules and addons to control
> quality and get a cut of each sale.
> Also when usb3 comes along you can offload all sorts of stuff to that,
> such as gfx co-porcessing if you want so all of a sudden you can get ati
> into the picture with their completely documented processors and really
> start something interesting.
> Just some brianstorming ...
> Rob

We haveto OUT THINK them, NOT OUTCOMPETE them.  The first one allows us 
to define the playing field, the second one leaves us catching up with 
the Joneses (note: this is what iSteve has done to quite a remarkable 
success - dell is left shoveling small margins while apple rakes in the 
cash on the high end).  What are your thoughts?


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