Robert Taylor wrote:
> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> Precisely.  And if you want to quit your contract you will pay A FEE 
> that will make your phone far more expensive than $600.
> I wish people would stop saying nonsense.
> It really doesn't matter if you unlock the phone or not, the person that 
> bought it will end up paying the full retail price of it no matter what, 
> quitting contract or not quitting contract.
> To sign the contract is to agree to finance the retail cost of the v.2.0.
> You will not be seeing 2.0 versions on ebay for $199 that are legit.  
> Those that aren't legit are either stolen, knockoffs or refurbished, in 
> which case who gives a damn, they are stolen, knockoffs or refurbished 
> and not in competition.
> The math simply doesn't add up fellas.
Bah!  Ignore this please ... I hit reply to the wrong thread!!!

My bad, appologies.


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