Sander Hoentjen wrote:
> compare the price difference for a 24month contract with or without an
> iPhone (16GB) (Yes this is not the new one, but i suspect it will not
> differ too much).
> Price for 24 mo with iPhone: 719,- eur
> with HTC Touch Diamond (just for comparison): 541,-
> without phone: 163,10 eur

According to Engadget [1], AT&T will have a voice/data plan for the 
iPhone starting as low as $69.95/month, and a minimum of $84.95 for 
business customers.

The $69.95 price seem to be the same (at least in my Los Angeles-based 
zip coe) for a non-iPhone user selecting the minimum voice plan at 
$39.95 and the $30/month unlimited 'personal data' plan for PDA's and 
Smartphones. Data plan is $50 for unlimited data/SMS, and data plan is 
$60 for 5GB of data with tehering (using your smartphone as a modem).

Over the course of two years, you'd be paying the same $1679.04 plus 
taxes, fees, surcharges, etc. plus the cost of the phone at the $69.95 


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