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> On Wednesday 11 June 2008 04:47, rakshat hooja wrote:
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> > > I don't know where my NDA stands on this. (I dont have the signed copy
> > > back
> >
> > yet and I guess i wont be posting any more on this once I get it:-) I
> > discussed with a carrier in India and they were as the first offer
> willing
> > to offer unlimitid data on GPRS/Edge and free incomming for *one year*
> for
> > about $70 (more than half their normal rate) if their connection is sold
> > with the Freerunner.
> Sounds like you got stuck with the crappy US model contract. AFAIK it's
> only
> the USA (and now India) where you pay to *receive* calls as well as make
> them. Perhaps we're 'lucky' in Europe where inbound calls cost the callee
> nothing..
> Andy / ScaredyCat
No all incoming calls are free in India and most handsets are sold without
contract. This is a pay as you go (or prepaid) sim where they are willing to
offer India Rupees 250/per month (1 USD=43 Indian rupees) for unlimited data
and you can buy voice minuets as you like. what i meant by free incoming was
that the sim will remain active for one year even if you dont buy any
minuets at all and you can continue to receive free incoming calls for the
entire year.

The normal rate for unlimited data plan is between Indian Rupees Rs395-495 +
a basic rental of your contract (ranging between Rs 200 - 400 for normal
users). Outgoing calls cost are extra.

The Rs 250/month unlimited data was offered if we bundled their connection
with the
Freerunners we sold. At the moment we have no intentions of doing that as
most of the early buyers form us will be developers but may offer it (or a
better deal) as an *option *when mass market software is ready.

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