Thanks Dale, as David says it's this simply test makes the things very clear, 
whit bold there's is no way but as I said before this font on the freerunner 
can be used to previews, icons and a way to have various text files opens at 
time and intuit of what's about and then to work use the second one. 

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> Asunto: Re: Font type and size was (QVGA V/s VGA for GTA03)
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> On Wed, June 11, 2008 2:59 am, Dale Schumacher wrote:
> > If your current display is around 150dpi, you can see
> what QVGA would be
> > like with something like this:
> >
> > xterm -fn '*-clean-*--6-*-c-40*' &
> >
> > This will give you a terminal window with a 4x6 font
> cell (3x5 for
> > characters + 1px spacing).  Note that the automatic
> "smear bold" make this
> > font unreadable, but the non-bold works.
> >
> > However, I would much prefer to use a larger font on a
> VGA-size display
> > with 285dpi, like this:
> >
> > xterm -fn '*-clean-med*--16-*-c-80-*' -fb
> '*-clean-bold*--16-*-c-80-*' &
> Thank you for that. You have added some useful light to the
> discussion on
> graphics resolution compared with all the heat. It is a
> simple test that
> anyone running Linux, or most other X servers (even cygwin)
> can run.
> Having tried the test myself I would say the difference is
> like night and
> day. At QVGA you can just about log into your box to reboot
> your web
> server if you need to, but the whole experence is quite
> painfull. At full
> VGA you can examine log files and the like and actualy
> figure out the root
> cause of any problems and fix them.
> This is the difference between windows sysadmins (reboot at
> the first sign
> of trouble), and unix sysadmins who actually find and fix
> the root cause.
> For myself I already have a QVGA Nokia phone with PuTTy, so
> I can log in
> remotely in an emergency, but VGA is so nice that with a
> Freerunner I
> probably would log in in other situations as well.
> -- 
> David Pottage
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