Tilman Baumann wrote:
>W. B. Kranendonk wrote:
>> And, on a side note... How impact proof will the phone be, might she
>try throwing her spear? :-P
>The weakest link is the screen. :p

With the invisible shield screen protector it should be as well protected as 
the leading edge of a helicopter blade :-).
Devices with a screen protector could get a 1d6 defensive bonus :P.

There would be some practical obstacles though, like walls (unless your 
spear-throwing arch nemesis can pierce walls or cars with her weapon). When in 
the open you could use maps to check if there is a normally unobstructed path 
between you two, but even than the freerunner can’t know if there are 
cars/waste bins that give you “protection”. 

Maybe you could overcome this obstacle by using a (usb) infrared receiver?  
Infrared won’t penetrate obstacles, so when hiding behind a corner you will be 
safe. I’m not a programmer, but I think it will be very easy:
-insert a usb infrared receiver in the neo
-hack/slash/throw/cast with a standard tv remote (assign attacks to different 
buttons on your remote, e.g. 1 is block, 2 is sword attack, 3 is spear, 4 is 
-Bluetooth can send the information about you and your stats (hp, armor, 
weapons, combat modifiers, active spells...) and your opponents freerunner will 
calculate the amount of damage you inflict with your chosen attack. It then 
sends that information through Bluetooth to your freerunner. And you can see 
what damage that you do and the hp the adversary has left.
-When you have weapons that can overcome obstacles (railguns combined with 
x-ray vision, bazookas penetrating walls, you throw the grenade around the 
corner, use a tactical nuke….) or spells that don’t require your enemy to be in 
sight you can use the Bluetooth or GPS method.

Another nice feature is that you can play your game inside a building, even 
when there is no GPS.

LIRC is a package that allows you to decode and send infra-red signals of many 
(but not all) commonly used remote controls.

an IR dongle costs only a few dollar on e-bay

hope you found this useful

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