> I've spent a great deal of time messing with WIFI also.  Once I get  
> some
> more experience with the OM platform, I might contribute to
> building a gui network manager.

One thing that really needs to be clear among us all right now is that  
there are those who have hacked things together to make the OM work  
for their situation, and left it at that, and then there are those who  
are yet to do so.

Those of us who have worked out how to bend the phone to our will need  
to write up our procedures and make them more widely known - through  
the wiki and these lists - so that we can have a sort of working  
framework for further apps development.

I really believe that a lot of the common system administration-type  
tasks - such as setting up WLAN, setting up GPRS routing, etc. - can  
and should be wrapped up in very easy-to-write tools with a GUI.  For  
example, the SettingsGUI progress was awesome, maybe because its  
python-based, and perhaps we all should be looking to extend this app  
to include the more detailed admin procedures?

Jay Vaughan

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