Andy Green wrote:
> There's a race of some kind in suspend / resume that can do this, the
> signature effect of it is on resume your device comes back as mmcblk1
> and the logical filesystem in memory is corrupted.  We didn't see this
> for a long time though.  Maybe keep an eye out for such shenanigans on
> resume.

I just thought I'd mention that I had a similar thing happen.  Three 
times in the past couple days, my 8 GB A-Data microSDHC card somehow 
seemed to have its partition table deleted.  No partitions would show up 
on my card anyway, although I could make new partitions and read and 
write from them with a card reader.  I haven't had time to investigate 
more thoroughly, so I don't know whether it happens on resume or if it 
only happens when I'm doing something in particular.  I've had the 
original half gig card in there since yesterday and it hasn't had any 
problems, even though the SDHC card previously had problems several 
times in short order, so there might be some difference there.

Sorry I can't be of more help with specifics, but I can confirm that 
there's someone else having this problem.


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