Hi Andy,

> sd_drive setting isn't actually used until next time we access the card,
> so provoking an access will do it, eg, touch /something ; sync.

Good point, but now it is getting really strange (all with sd_drive=0
prior to suspend):
Adding a "touch /media/mmcblk0p4/suspending" and it works,
also adding the sync and it doesn't, and finally also adding a "sleep
1" to the line and it gives me mixed results.
Maybe it is a timing issue, and the previously mentioned 400-500ms
delay is needed?

> But the two explanations for what goes on seem mixed still here, we
> affect sd_drive and we do a suspend.  My guess / hope is that this
> problem is coming from the suspend action alone and the change of
> sd_drive is bogus here.  Maybe you can bang on it a little more trying
> to disprove that hypothesis?

Will do if I find the time, but for now completely unmounting the card
seems like the only viable solution apart from dd'ing mbrs back and
forth until the root cause is found...
Hopefully the data storage on card is not impeded, but personally I
will do backups more often now ;-) ...


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