Joerg Reisenweber wrote:


> As I think this seems to be quite a good clue to what's really happening here,
> quote from the OLPC ticket #6532:


Yes, anybody working on this issue really ought to read that ticket in 
its entirety:

(keeping in mind that some of the earlier entries, from months ago, may 
contain erroneous data)

Note that some people think that this problem may affect things other 
than the SD card, and that external storage connected through USB might 
have a problem too.

OLPC really really wants to do aggressive power management.  They want 
to do things like halt the processor between keystrokes.  If they can't 
do suspend and resume in < 100 msec, they may not ever be able to 
deliver the holy grail:  a laptop that can run for ten minutes on the 
power provided by one minute of muscle power from a four-year-old child.

If they can achieve this, then OpenMoko ought to be able to achieve such 
aggressive power management too.  That's how you get really long battery 

It seems that reconciling the need for data integrity on flash drives 
with the desire to achieve excellent power management is a hard problem.

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