2008/7/26 Stroller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I won't comment further at this time, but I'll amend the wiki later
> (cc'd to documentation as a reminder) so that some other relevant
> pages link to it & it's easier to find.

It is already linked from the front page, but clearly from not those
places it should be from :)

But you have good points. Openmoko is open, but its development is not
exposed in the open as much as I'd like for an open source project to
be. The Openmoko folks are still a bit "mysterious" to me, with the
exception of the few who regularly post on these mailing lists.

I think the line between Openmoko employee and a contributing, trusted
community member should be made more fuzzy. More SVN / GIT rights to
the people, more contributing directly to http://svn.openmoko.org/
instead of just "external" projects at projects.openmoko.org etc. I
would guess this is going to happen more with the development of FSO?


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