> gpsd-devel.i386                          2.34-3.fc7              
> development

this should be the right one -- lock inside (yum might be able to list the  
content), it should have some or more files ending with .h

> under 'Installing additional libraries into the toolchain', the wiki
> page mentions doing:
> ./configure --host=arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi  
> --prefix=/usr/local/openmoko/arm/arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/usr
> make
> make install

until error messages advise otherwise, i think that's not necessary. after  
all, you're just linking an app aganinst a well known and available lib.

> but in my experience, things I install with yum are precompiled... would

not necessarily (there are actually src.rpm). the devel-packages conatin  
additional, usually platform independent, informations like the .h files  
and .la, which basically provide informations how other applications may  
play together with this app (libgps in our case).

> I install the -devel package with yum and then use 'rpm -ql' (list
> package files) to find the files I need?

you can do rpm -ql if you're curious about the packages contents, but on  
any distribution conforming to lsb there are well defined pathes to  
install those files into and to look for.
thus, the compiler should be able to finde the necessary files without any  
further action on your side.

> wouldn't I actually want to
> install a source package (probably named something like "gpsd-src")?

only if you want to build gps yourself.
in the rare case, there is absolutely no devel package available, you  
might use a source package as well, since it contains that .h and .la  
files as well -- but that requires a certain amount of configuration to  
make the compiler find them.

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