Bruce Adams schrieb:
> I've had the impression, on other phones, that the GSM network could 
> successfully deliver a message into the SIM card inside my phone, but if 
> the phone software was too distracted to hear the initial notification 
> from the SIM card about the new message, the phone wouldn't notice the 
> message until another message came along or something else happened 
> (such as rebooting the phone) that caused the phone to look for messages 
> on the SIM.

that's just the way it is on my "Sony Ericsson p1" and O2.
(But there they say it is a problem with O2-Germany. But no one knows 
why no other handy has this problem ;) )
So i'm used to it, to have a buggy handy. .... and thisone wouldn't get 
new Software-Fixes every day.

 I am seeing forward to replace it with my Om2008.8/Freerunner .

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